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The objectives

ILIAS is Versatile

Course management, learning modules, tests and assessments, portfolios, surveys, wikis and blogs are at the tip of your fingers with ILIAS, making it the ideal all-in-one e-learning solution.

ILIAS is Open-Source

You will never have to pay a license fee to use ILIAS. Should you have any special requirements, our official service providers can help you implement them. A voluntary membership in the ILIAS Society is inexpensive and allows you to directly influence the development process of ILIAS.

Important Feature of ILIAS

Powerful Test and Assessment tool that not only allows users to check their own learning progress, but also makes it possible to carry out complete e-exams.

Flexible Course Management allowing a wide range of different didactic scenarios.

Study Programmes allow the mapping of complete study and training courses using just one tool.

Easily share content using ultra fast File-Upload per Drag&Drop.

Personal Workspace for learners in which portfolios and blogs can be created efficiently and quickly.

Create learning and practice materials with ease using our authoring tools: create learning modules, wikis, glossaries and much more.

Consistent Design: Despite all their different usage possibilities, the tools in ILIAS have a standardised design, making it easy to get to grips with new learning scenarios.

Learning Communities that bring your learners together.

A Powerful Access Control System allows you to precisely manage access and use rights of all content and tools.

No Lock-in: All your files can be exported in XML format.

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If you have suggestion or any problem accessing information from this web please email us at mytcoe[at]mampu.gov.my.